let's do this pitchwars thang

hi hello hey!

so I'm a pitchwars mentor again this year and SO EXCITED!!!! Pitch Wars is a great contest run by Brenda Drake, and it provides amazing opportunities for writers to work with other writers to hone their craft and see their dreams come true! :)

my mentoring style:
·                w    I'm obsessed with queries. I LOVE writing them and love helping people hone theirs for when they start sending them out.
·                w    I'm great with line editing and continuity. if something isn't flowing in your story, I'll be the first to tell you. Also if that blue bicycle suddenly turns red, I'll point that stuff out to you.
·                w    I'm really good at helping to develop your characters from beginning to end, to make sure they have a clear arc. 
·                w    I'll communicate with you extensively, be that Skype or phone or email. I'm here for you 100%.

·                w    I want YOU to succeed and want to help your MS be the best MS it can be! let's do this!

what I'm looking for: YA THRILLERS, MYSTERY, OR SCIENCE FICTION, specifically:
·                w    super twisty thrillers - I want my mind blown! I also love a good gut punch when I least expect it.
·                w    mysterious mysteries - someone solving a murder? looking for a missing person? discovering their true identity because they were lied to their whole life? YES YES YES
·                w    unique and/or mysterious settings.
·                w    also unique and/or mysterious groups of people (like religious cults, or nonreligious cults, etc.)
·                w    I love dark stories, serious situations that your characters have to claw their way out of.
·                w    science fiction that is set in space. SPACE OPERA PLEASE.
·                w    post apocalyptic books - listen, I am here for this ALL DAY EVERY DAY SO SEND IT TO ME.
·                w    love all kinds of diversity!
·                w    a unique voice - from the minute I read your first paragraph, I want your MC's voice oozing out.
·                w    dual narratives - some people shy away from this but I LOVE multiple POVs.
·                w    bittersweet beginnings, middles, and endings.
·                w    also maybe you wrote a book that describes this picture to the right, and I will take that right away please and thank you.

what I'm not looking for:
·                w    anything that's not YA.
·                w    fantasy in any form
·                w    feelsy and emotional contemp (sorry kids, this is usually my bread and butter but I'm taking a step back on it this year)
·                w    horror

my favorite thrillers and sci fi, so you get an idea of what I love:

·                w    The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly by Stephanie Oakes
·                w    Red Rising by Pierce Brown
·                w    Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
·                w    Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas
·                w    Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
·                w    Across the Universe by Beth Revis

oh also, check out these other awesome mentors, because you can't all just pick me ;)

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