that time I made resolutions (and hopefully stuck to them)

I know what you're thinking. This blog is just wasting space on the internet, because I NEVER blog. Unless I'm super ranty or entering a contest or participating in something on twitter that requires a blog. I'd like to say that in 2014 I'll blog more, but that would be a big ole fat lie, so I'm not even go down that road.

But I do have a few writerly and readerly resolutions for this year. And some of them actually do require a bit o' blogging, so it's possible I MAY actually blog a little more this year than the last.

Writerly Resolutions:
* Last year I set a goal to write 1k a day. I did really good until about May, and then I fell off that ship so hard and drowned in an ocean of my own making. So, this year my goal is to just write every day. Even if it's just one word. That's better than none.

* I want to write three novels this year, from start to finish. Last year I wrote two and revised one, so I feel like this is totally attainable.

* Query my newest contemporary by February. IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN, I TELL YOU.

Readerly Resolutions:
* My friend Nikki and I are doing a book-a-month book club this year, so I vow to read at least 12 books this year. I mean, I'll definitely read more, but at least twelve.

* As part of that book club, I vow to blog a review & excerpt of each book.

* In 2014 I won't be starting any new series, unless every book in the series has already been published. I hate having to wait years for an entire series to be released, and honestly with all the books I read, I can't remember half of the plot lines, so when I pick up the second book in a series and it's been a year since I read the first one, I spend a good few hours online trying to find recaps of the first book. So this will be the year of finishing series that are published and reading stand-alones (which I've become a very big fan of).

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