hey hey pitchwars peeps

hey hey hey!

so I'm a pitchwars mentor again this year and SO EXCITED!!!! Pitch Wars is a FABULOUS contest run by Brenda Drake, and it provides amazing opportunities for writers to work with other writers to hone their craft and see their dreams come true! :)

why you want me as your mentor:

  • w    I'm repped by Penny Moore and she's amazing! I signed with her on a cold query, but I do love a good contest. 
  • w    I write YA contemporary across the board, and read a lot of it too.
  • w    I'm obsessed with queries. I LOVE writing them and love helping people hone theirs for when they start sending them out.
  • w    I'm great with line editing and continuity. if something isn't flowing in your story, I'll be the first to tell you.
  • w    I'm really active on Twitter (and social media in general) and I'll communicate with you extensively. 
  • w    I want YOU to succeed and want to help your MS be the best MS it can be! let's do this!

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