that time I did the very inspiring blogger award

I've been nominated to do a Very Inspiring Blogger Award post by by fabulous agent sister Tara Sim. Since following each other and twitter and signing with the same agent, we've discovered that we have so much in common, namely the Sims and Harry Potter, and nothing else really matters, so....

Anyways, I'm supposed to list seven things about myself and then nominate others to take part. So here comes the crazy.

1. I am the liberal daughter of two very conservative parents. My dad's a preacher (for like 40 years and counting) and I am that preacher's kid who got into trouble around every corner and embarrassed my parents more than they ever had the chance to embarrass me.

2. I was in a really bad accident as an 8 year old (fell off a house after attempting to rescue a Barbie that had been tossed on the roof). It landed me in the hospital (via ambulance) with a gash on my back from shoulder blade to hip. It required 200 of those dissolvable stitches on the inside of the gash as well as 56 on the outside and 9 staples. I missed the first 3 weeks of 3rd grade because I couldn't sit in my chair like a normal person. All very scary BUT it was because of this accident that I started writing. So YAY.

3. When I was 15, I spent $200 on a dvd player when they first came out, after hearing an hour lecture from my dad who told me that "these will never last. VCRs have been around forever." I bought it anyways, even though Blockbuster only had like 3 dvds. Eventually the world caught on and here we are.

4. I was hit by a car once while riding my bicycle. She was texting, and obviously not paying attention to the road and hit me. I had some major road rash and a few bruised bones. I also had bright pink hair tips and when I got to the emergency room (I spend a lot of time there), one of the nurses freaked because she thought my head was gushing blood. It wasn't, though my helmet was cracked from back to front when I hit my head on the road twice. Two lessons learned here and some life advice: always wear a helmet, and don't text while driving.

5. I've lived in 9 states and 11 cities in my life. Hope to make that 12 cities by the end of the year.

6. I have 8 tattoos and I want a bunch more.

7. I'm trying eHarmony for the 4th time in 8 years. I hate being single. About as much as I hate online dating. So figure that one out.

So here are my nominees to keep this train running:

Brianna Shrum - bestie in real life and on the twitterland; the yin to my yang, the peanut butter to my jelly, and the Tina to my Amy (does any other comparison really matter?).

Jamie Adams - my excitable writing buddy who has lately been my number one cheerleader. Also I <3 her!

Mandie Baxter - my fellow nerd herd pal. We share an affinity for hipster glasses and have both taken on the 2015 vlogagram challenge :)

*I'm not even gonna apologize for all those Happy Endings gifs. I still mourn the death of that show.

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