that time I got the call

Every time I've ever gotten a full request, I'd keep myself up with thoughts on how that agent might contact me in a month's time with an offer to represent my book. The fantasies were wildly outrageous, but they still kept me from a good night's sleep.

But then you're sitting in your living room, watching the latest episode of America's Next Top Model, procrastinating on getting ready for work, and your phone rings. But it's a number you don't recognize, so you obviously let it go to voicemail, because you're sometimes a diva about these things, thinking it's probably a telemarketer.

But then they leave a message. And well, telemarketers don't leave messages (usually). So you listen to it, but the person is talking kind of fast and you're not sure what you're hearing. But then the word AGENT kind of pops out at you. And then the title of your book. and then your heart starts racing like it's traveling at light speed to another galaxy. BECAUSE AN AGENT JUST CALLED YOU. ON A RANDOM THURSDAY. AND OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING?

So you call the number back, your heart still racing. And it's an agent. And that agent is all I WANT TO REPRESENT YOUR MANUSCRIPT. My assistant loved it. The voice is amazing. WE WANT YOU.

And you try really hard not to faint or anything. So you just sit on the phone not saying much because you're at a literal loss for words. Because for months your CPs have told you how great the book is, BUT THERE'S AN ACTUAL PROFESSIONAL AGENT ON THE PHONE TELLING YOU HOW MUCH THEY LOVE YOUR BOOK. And maybe you cry a little bit because you've put like ALL your blood, sweat, and tears into that book, praying like your life depended on it that it would be the one.

And then somebody loves it, the way you love it. And they point out specific things that you tried really hard to convey and how much they love them. And how much they love the characters that manifested in your brain. AND THEY LOVE IT.

So, yeah, I got that call last week. And I'm so thrilled to announce that I have signed with Uwe Stender and Laura Crockett of Triada US Literary Agency.

This post wouldn't be complete with a huge thanks to some people who have been cheering me on the whole way! So thanks to my CPs and friends, Brianna Shrum, Nikki Diehm, Megan Orsini, Corrie Shatto, and KK Hendin!


  1. Congrats girl! I'm so proud of you. See your writing is awesome and the MS I've read are spectacular. I new you would get an agent. And you got a great one!

  2. I cried reading this! I am SO HAPPY for you! Is this the book that you pitched during pitmad that I freaking loved? HUGS! So amazing!!! xo

  3. I'm so happy for you! I'm a big fan and now everyone will know why. :D

  4. LOVEEE this gif filled post. Although I shouldn't receive any thanks because I haven't even read the version that got you agented.

    *horrible friend rushes to her computer and pulls up the word file and tries to find some spare minutes*


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