that time I did the 777 challenge

The 777 challenge is when a writer is challenged by another writer to post the seven lines of text, seven lines down on the seventh page of their work-in-progress. I was tagged by my friend Mandie Baxter (check out her seven lines here).

I'm using seven lines from my WIP, We Used to Be.

I pound my fist harder. "COME BACK!" I'm crying so hard my words are loud but slurred, and my sobs choke every syllable. "WAKE UP HAYES! COME BACK TO ME."

And then I'm screaming your name. Over and over, like I'm a broken record on repeat. Crying so hard I can barely breathe. Pounding your coffin with so much force I'm sure my hand will break.

Can't you hear me? I'm screaming at you. You have to come back. You have to.

I can't be without you.

Strong arms wrap around me. "Gracen." It's my dad's voice, a whisper in my ear. He lifts me off the ground and carries me away. I fight at first, but soon fall limp in his arms, leaving the only strength I have left to crying. I can't stop crying.

I'm tagging BriannaJamieCorrieMichelleRenaBlair, and Emma.

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  1. Oh oh oh!! Now I want to know what's going on. This challenge is too much of a tease!


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