that time I participated in WipMarathon check-in #1

First off, I have to confess that I've deviated from my original WipMarathon goal. Originally it was to finish drafting my newest YA contemporary, but my brain doesn't always work the way I want it to, and I've been sucked into revising my YA fantasy. But I'll probably be going back and forth because I have a hard time focusing on one thing when ten more wait in the wings.

Last Check-in Wordcount + ChapterCount: 
Total word count for ms was: 78,000
Total chapters: 23

Current WC + CC:
Current word count: 76,795 (cut some, but always adding more!)
Chapter count: I revised 2 chapters!

WIP Issues this week: I wouldn't call them "issues" but just replotting this WIP. When I say "REVISING" it's really more like "REWRITING"

What I learned this week in writing: I posted (pretty honestly) yesterday about my frustrations with being a writer and reading books that don't seem on par with what agents are looking for, though they seemed to get published anyways. You can read the post here if you so choose :)

What distracted me this week while writing: I'm in the middle of trying to find a job, deciding what school to do my masters online, and living at my sister's house with her hubby and two little guys. So, needless to say, there are tons of distractions in my life right now.


  1. Good luck, Tabitha! I know how crazy it can be with family around and trying to find time to write.

  2. Wishing you tons of luck with revisions, Tabitha!

    And by the way, I loved your post on reading books as a writer. I admired your bravery in being so honest, and you touched on some feelings I had before I was agented as well. Querying is definitely exhausting, but hang in there!


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