that time I participated in WipMarathon check-in #3

My fellow WipMarathon-ers, if WipMarathon has taught you NOTHING else about me, it should be this: I set MANY goals in my writing and something ALWAYS distracts me from them. I was determined to finish my YA contemporary LOST AND FOUND, but basically any time I *say* I'm going to write something, one of my other projects becomes increasingly more enticing.

So the first week when I supposed to be working on LOST AND FOUND, instead I found myself knee deep in revisions for my YA fantasy SONG OF THE PHOENIX.

Then the second week I finished edits on my YA urban fantasy, BEAUTIFUL RUIN. I can happily say, that is done! So I met an accomplishments of sorts.

So on my third check-in, I would love to report that I've worked on my contemporary or fantasy. Alas, I have not. Instead I have shiny new ideas all over the place and my writer's brain is experiencing some major ADD.

So, in lieu of my inability to stick to a goal, I'm going to task all of your WipMarathon-ers to make me stick to something this week!!!!! I'm either going to revise my fantasy, start drafting my shiny new fantasy, or start drafting my shiny new contemporary. SO TELL ME WHAT TO DO. AND THEN MAKE ME DO IT.


    You should probably revise, but I WANT THAT CONTEMP. RIGHT NOW.
    So, that's my vote. And I will definitely hold you to it, darling.

  2. Lol! Aw.
    Okay. This is what I did when I had ADD earlier this year. I wrote down a plot synopsis for my new idea. Then I set it aside. Read that again. It's not going anywhere. The story came to you because it wants you to write it. ^_^

    Next, I made notes on another story I was in the middle of and set that aside. Again. Not going anywhere. (And I had a few more ideas so I wrote the opening paragraph/chapter for those, made notes, and set those aside as well.)

    As to what you should do, looks like your buddy up there wants you to finish the contemporary. :) So do that. And while she's looking at that, you can work on one of the other two. ^_^


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